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Water Well
ID: 34894
Year: 2003
Sub-Collection: Accessory
Oak Creek Grist Mill
ID: 36321
Year: 2003
Sub-Collection: Sights & Sounds
East Moorland Windmill
ID: 25682
Year: 2002
Sub-Collection: Sights & Sounds
ID: 12484
Year: 2001
Sub-Collection: Polyresin figurine
Mill Stream Fork, Set Of 10
ID: 13367
Year: 2001
Sub-Collection: Table Accent
Ron's Fish And Tackle
ID: 15583
Year: 2001
Sub-Collection: Porcelain lighted building
Olde Stone Bridge
ID: 03328
Year: 2000
Sub-Collection: Table Accent
Village Volunteers
ID: 03332
Year: 2000
Sub-Collection: Table Accent
Img Village Value ID Year Sub-Collection Amazon eBay
Harvest Valley Windmill Lemax Village Harvest Valley Windmill 45678 2014 Porcelain lighted building
The Barkley-dog Hotel & Spa Lemax Village The Barkley-dog Hotel & Spa 45737 2014 Sights & Sounds
Honey Hill Farm Stand Lemax Village Honey Hill Farm Stand 45711 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Green Valley Wine & Cheese Market Lemax Village Green Valley Wine & Cheese Market 45679 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Friendly Fields Pet Camp Lemax Village Friendly Fields Pet Camp 45680 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Ringler's Assaying Lemax Village Ringler's Assaying 45683 2014 Porcelain lighted building
The Williams House Lemax Village The Williams House 45689 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Westfield House Lemax Village Westfield House 45700 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Winter Arbor Winery Lemax Village Winter Arbor Winery 45745 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Village Church Lemax Village Village Church 45706 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Handy's Furniture & Custom Cabinetry Lemax Village Handy's Furniture & Custom Cabinetry 45708 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Elmer's Tractor Lemax Village Elmer's Tractor 45710 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Lamplighter Inn Lemax Village Lamplighter Inn 45748 2014 Porcelain lighted building
O'connor's Billiards Lemax Village O'connor's Billiards 25417 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Maple Hill Farm Lemax Village Maple Hill Farm 33012 2014 Table Accent
Pins & Needles Lemax Village Pins & Needles 35534 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Country Barn Gift Shop Lemax Village Country Barn Gift Shop 35536 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Posh Pets Salon Lemax Village Posh Pets Salon 35540 2014 Porcelain lighted building
Morning Milk Lemax Village Morning Milk 43080 2014 Table Accent
Taco Food Truck Lemax Village Taco Food Truck 43086 2014 Table Accent
Rustic Wood Fence Lemax Village Rustic Wood Fence 44760 2014 Accessory
Time For A Scrub Lemax Village Time For A Scrub 44770 2014 Table Accent
Yellowwood Tree  Large Lemax Village Yellowwood Tree Large 44794 2014 Tree
Baldcypress  Large Lemax Village Baldcypress Large 44795 2014 Tree
Linden Tree  Medium Lemax Village Linden Tree Medium 44797 2014 Tree
Black Tupelo Tree  Medium Lemax Village Black Tupelo Tree Medium 44798 2014 Tree
Yellowwood Tree  Medium Lemax Village Yellowwood Tree Medium 44799 2014 Tree
Baldcypress Tree  Medium Lemax Village Baldcypress Tree Medium 44801 2014 Tree
Linden Tree  Small Lemax Village Linden Tree Small 44802 2014 Tree
Old Town Artisans Gallery And Shop Lemax Village Old Town Artisans Gallery And Shop 25392 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Chicken Feeding, Set Of 3 Lemax Village Chicken Feeding, Set Of 3 32137 2013 Polyresin figurine
Washin' Wagon Lemax Village Washin' Wagon 33010 2013 Table Accent
Winter Feeding, Set Of 2 Lemax Village Winter Feeding, Set Of 2 34628 2013 Table Accent
Fall Residence House Lemax Village Fall Residence House 35501 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Mcgrath Residence Lemax Village Mcgrath Residence 35510 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Cornucopia Baskets & Bows Lemax Village Cornucopia Baskets & Bows 35512 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Lou's Garage Lemax Village Lou's Garage 35515 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Hudson's Hardware Lemax Village Hudson's Hardware 35521 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Elmer's Country Store Lemax Village Elmer's Country Store 35525 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Nathaniel's Pharmacy Lemax Village Nathaniel's Pharmacy 35527 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Quality Woodworks Lemax Village Quality Woodworks 35528 2013 Porcelain lighted building
Cedar Valley Winery Lemax Village Cedar Valley Winery 15244 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Street Corner Serenade Lemax Village Street Corner Serenade 22016 2012 Polyresin figurine
Spilt Milk Lemax Village Spilt Milk 24495 2012 Accessory
Best Decorated House Lemax Village Best Decorated House 25337 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Hillside School Lemax Village Hillside School 25342 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Meadowbrook Stable Lemax Village Meadowbrook Stable 25345 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Barn House Lemax Village Barn House 25356 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Rosa's Family Restaurant Lemax Village Rosa's Family Restaurant 25380 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Mcintosh Cider Press Lemax Village Mcintosh Cider Press 25391 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Church Bazaar Lemax Village Church Bazaar 25393 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Gibson's General Store Lemax Village Gibson's General Store 25404 2012 Porcelain lighted building
Trick Or Treating Trio, Set Of 2 Lemax Village Trick Or Treating Trio, Set Of 2 02840 2011 Polyresin figurine
David's Fort Lemax Village David's Fort 04218 2011 Table Accent
Leslie's Flowers & Nursery Lemax Village Leslie's Flowers & Nursery 05039 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Meadowlark Farm Lemax Village Meadowlark Farm 05075 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Just A Peek Lemax Village Just A Peek 12920 2011 Polyresin figurine
Last Minute Shopper Lemax Village Last Minute Shopper 12924 2011 Polyresin figurine
Will U Take Mine, Too, Set Of 2 Lemax Village Will U Take Mine, Too, Set Of 2 12927 2011 Polyresin figurine
Stable Chores Lemax Village Stable Chores 13900 2011 Table Accent
Girl Scout Parade, Set Of 9 Lemax Village Girl Scout Parade, Set Of 9 13904 2011 Table Accent
Cider Pressing With Dad Lemax Village Cider Pressing With Dad 13907 2011 Table Accent
Davis & Sons Farms Lemax Village Davis & Sons Farms 13908 2011 Table Accent
Ceramic Art Lemax Village Ceramic Art 13916 2011 Table Accent
Building Model Planes Lemax Village Building Model Planes 13917 2011 Table Accent
Burning Leaves Lemax Village Burning Leaves 14338 2011 Accessory
9 In. Apple Tree A Lemax Village 9 In. Apple Tree A 14351 2011 Accessory
Autumn Acres Farms Lemax Village Autumn Acres Farms 15196 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Smith Family Restaurant Lemax Village Smith Family Restaurant 15217 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Holly's Day Care Center Lemax Village Holly's Day Care Center 15222 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Sunset Valley Cheese Factory Lemax Village Sunset Valley Cheese Factory 15226 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Daisy's Ceramics Studio Lemax Village Daisy's Ceramics Studio 15228 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Decorating The House Lemax Village Decorating The House 15247 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Village Hardware & Woodshop Lemax Village Village Hardware & Woodshop 15252 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Herzog's Hot Dogs Lemax Village Herzog's Hot Dogs 15255 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Robinson House Lemax Village Robinson House 15260 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Junction Hardware & Seed Lemax Village Junction Hardware & Seed 15266 2011 Porcelain lighted building
Mom Lends A Helping Hand Lemax Village Mom Lends A Helping Hand 02759 2010 Polyresin figurine
Oom Pah Band, Set Of 5 Lemax Village Oom Pah Band, Set Of 5 02760 2010 Polyresin figurine
A New Friend Lemax Village A New Friend 02795 2010 Polyresin figurine
Holly Gatherer Lemax Village Holly Gatherer 02802 2010 Polyresin figurine
Firewood For The Hearth Lemax Village Firewood For The Hearth 02807 2010 Polyresin figurine
Rover As Rudolph Lemax Village Rover As Rudolph 02831 2010 Polyresin figurine
One On One Lemax Village One On One 04225 2010 Table Accent
The Blue Bayou Club Lemax Village The Blue Bayou Club 05006 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Hartwell House Lemax Village Hartwell House 05018 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Samuel's Hardware Lemax Village Samuel's Hardware 05023 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Maple Creek Farms Lemax Village Maple Creek Farms 05026 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Greeley & Sons Auto Parts Lemax Village Greeley & Sons Auto Parts 05028 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Caldwell Cottage Lemax Village Caldwell Cottage 05031 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Prairie View Junction Lemax Village Prairie View Junction 05032 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Glad Wags School For Dogs Lemax Village Glad Wags School For Dogs 05035 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Earl's Farmers Market Lemax Village Earl's Farmers Market 05037 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Grandma's Pie Shop Lemax Village Grandma's Pie Shop 05058 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Bijou Theater Lemax Village Bijou Theater 95884 2010 Porcelain lighted building
Tony's Pizza Palace Lemax Village Tony's Pizza Palace 95915 2010 Porcelain lighted building
The Hog Trough, Set Of 4 Lemax Village The Hog Trough, Set Of 4 92613 2009 Polyresin figurine
Going To Church, Set Of 2 Lemax Village Going To Church, Set Of 2 92648 2009 Polyresin figurine
Pig Family Doings, Set Of 3 Lemax Village Pig Family Doings, Set Of 3 92666 2009 Polyresin figurine
Valley Vineyard Merlot Grapes Lemax Village Valley Vineyard Merlot Grapes 94002 2009 Accessory
Gas Pump Lemax Village Gas Pump 94022 2009 Accessory
Art & Wine Festival Billboard Lemax Village Art & Wine Festival Billboard 94026 2009 Accessory
The Montego Vineyard Lemax Village The Montego Vineyard 95858 2009 Porcelain lighted building
Monty's Steak House Lemax Village Monty's Steak House 95886 2009 Porcelain lighted building
Village Garden Shoppe Lemax Village Village Garden Shoppe 95892 2009 Facades
Ranch House Lemax Village Ranch House 85682 2008 Porcelain lighted building
Wayside Diner Lemax Village Wayside Diner 85683 2008 Porcelain lighted building
3rd Street Five & Dime Lemax Village 3rd Street Five & Dime 85684 2008 Porcelain lighted building
Oktoberfest Lemax Village Oktoberfest 72393 2007 Polyresin figurine
Clifton's Butcher Shop Lemax Village Clifton's Butcher Shop 75517 2007 Porcelain lighted building
Twirly's Soft Serve Lemax Village Twirly's Soft Serve 75526 2007 Porcelain lighted building
Mama's Cocina Lemax Village Mama's Cocina 75527 2007 Porcelain lighted building
Union Station Lemax Village Union Station 75544 2007 Porcelain lighted building
Jenny's Coffee Shop/ice Cream Parlor Lemax Village Jenny's Coffee Shop/ice Cream Parlor 45138 2005 Porcelain lighted building
Fill 'er Up Lemax Village Fill 'er Up 52057 2005 Polyresin figurine
Romantic Bike Ride, Set Of 2 Lemax Village Romantic Bike Ride, Set Of 2 52131 2005 Polyresin figurine
Farm Wagon Lemax Village Farm Wagon 53505 2005 Table Accent
The Old Tractor Lemax Village The Old Tractor 53524 2005 Table Accent
Little River Church Lemax Village Little River Church 45069 2004 Porcelain lighted building
Grandma With Jam Lemax Village Grandma With Jam 32655 2003 Polyresin figurine
Water Well Lemax Village Water Well 34894 2003 Accessory
Oak Creek Grist Mill Lemax Village Oak Creek Grist Mill 36321 2003 Sights & Sounds
East Moorland Windmill Lemax Village East Moorland Windmill 25682 2002 Sights & Sounds
Preacher Lemax Village Preacher 12484 2001 Polyresin figurine
Mill Stream Fork, Set Of 10 Lemax Village Mill Stream Fork, Set Of 10 13367 2001 Table Accent
Ron's Fish And Tackle Lemax Village Ron's Fish And Tackle 15583 2001 Porcelain lighted building
Olde Stone Bridge Lemax Village Olde Stone Bridge 03328 2000 Table Accent
Village Volunteers Lemax Village Village Volunteers 03332 2000 Table Accent